Looking for (and finding) 2020/2021’s silver lining!

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

Where to start! I guess it’s been a time of adjustment, immersed in family and in creating opportunities to share music and friendship with no venues and little in-person contact! I’m so lucky to play with a number of bands and friends who embraced the challenge and we even created some brand new projects during 2020 and 2021.

Take Down the Door performed a fabulous on-line concert of traditional Irish Music to raise money for the Lyons Emergency Assistance Foundation back in April 2020. The multi-talented Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival invited me to perform for the second consecutive year with her for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in June 2020 (my favorite festival of all time), filmed down the road at Planet Bluegrass and also for The Northwest String Summit 2020.

My husband, bass player Eric Thorin and I have had a blast putting duo performances together for on-line concerts, and both thank our lucky stars we’re hunkered down, (admittedly on a steep technological learning curve) with a fellow musician!

I also joined a new band, The Bow Tides. I reached out to fellow former and present fiddlers for Gaelic Storm, Ellery Klein (who I inherited the post from), and Katie Grennan, (who currently holds the position) and we all leapt at the opportunity to create and play music together. It culminated as an on-line concert which aired at The Spanish Peaks International Celtic Festival 2020.

We had so much fun working together we enlisted Winifred Horan (founding member of Solas) to join forces with us and create the February Fiddle Frenzy. A four day, interactive, online workshop for fiddlers of all ages which kicks off on February 12 – 15 and is going to be a blast.

My wonderful students fill my days with piano and fiddle lessons and when I’m not doing that, there’s homeschooling my own two daughters, learning to cross country ski and trying to house train our pet rabbits (and failing miserably at it – such a bad idea!), so life is full to say the least!