The Bow Tides

Well this is an invigorating, silver lining to Pandemic Life! Since we can play with anyone who has a microphone and a computer anywhere in the world, I reached out to two of my Fiddle Sisters from Gaelic Storm, past and present and we made A BAND, whilst rehearsing and performing remotely in three different states and timezones!

Introducing……… The Bowtides, featuring fiddlers Jessie Burns, Katie Grennan and Ellery Klein. Here’s some of our inaugural on-line concert videos (which were quite the learning curve – but great fun). We’re joined here by bassist Eric Thorin, guitarist Jeff Lindblade and John Williams on accordion. For Moonring, we are joined by Jonathan Sousa on guitar. I hope you enjoy them.

This first video is a set we call “The Minor Reels”. Katie wrote the first one, ” Mike’s Per Diem” and Ellery wrote the second two tunes, ” Hills of Galena” and “The Fragility of Memory” – such fun to play, with unusual modulations and to give a funky disco-esque accompaniment added a fun twist to it for me!

This next one is a slow tune I wrote called “Moonring”, named for the bright, rainbow edged ring around a full moon on a cold, clear winter night. John Sousa plays a beautiful guitar accompaniment here and we’re joined by John Williams- a musical hero of mine. I love how he uses the bellows of the accordion to create the sound of the wind in the trees- it sets the stage beautifully!

Here’s a set we just love for its upbeat driving tunes and rhythm. We start off with the much loved French Canadian Tune, Mouth of the Tobique, followed by Trip to Miriam’s by the wonderful Collin Farrell and finishing off with Piere’s Right Arm by Brian Pickell.